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A fantastical haul at this year’s Sir Julius Vogel Awards

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards – Aotearoa New Zealand’s premier SFF awards, named for a previous premier of the country – were announced by livestream at CoNZealand yesterday. (The ceremony itself was actually filmed on Sunday, with an open bar, but we were all sworn to secrecy. Which largely succeeded. Despite the open bar.)

Now that the embargo has lifted, I can safely say how thrilled I am for the Paper Road Press authors whose work has been recognised by the SJV voters.

Best Novella/Novelette: Andi C. Buchanan, From a Shadow Grave

Photo showing a paperback copy of Andi C. Buchanan's FROM A SHADOW GRAVE next to a Sir Julius Vogel Award trophy.

Andi’s wonderfully Wellington novella about a young woman’s life and death and other lives won the award for Best Novella/Novelette.

From a Shadow Grave is available to purchase in paperback from our webstore

Or you can buy the ebook from the usual suspects.

Best Collected Work: Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy, Volume 1, edited by Marie Hodgkinson

Photo showing a paperback copy of YEAR'S BEST AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY, Volume 1, edited by Marie Hodgkinson, next to a Sir Julius Vogel Award trophy.

My first outing as an anthology editor since 2015 (SHORTCUTS: Track 1) – I’m so thrilled this anthology, the first in an annual series, has found its audience.

You can buy the paperback from our webstore

Or get the ebook from the usual suspects.

Best Short Story: ‘A Shriek Across the Sky’, by Casey Lucas

Front cover image of Year's Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy, Volume 2, edited by Marie Hodgkinson

Casey’s wonderful story about the horrific reality of having a dad, and then a dad who has turned into a fishman, won Best Short Story.

You can read ‘A Shriek Across the Sky’ for free at Sponge, where it was first published,

Or in the Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy, volume 2.

But wait, there’s more…

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are a brilliant celebration of SFF creative works from Aotearoa New Zealand. Head over to Locus to see the full list of finalists and winners, and if you’re looking for a new read, something to watch, or some new art for your walls, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

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Paper Road Press awards eligibility

The New Year has swept in and with it, SFF awards around the globe have opened for nominations.

Sir Julius Vogel Awards

Here in Aotearoa, the primary SFF awards are the Sir Julius Vogel Awards, run by Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans of New Zealand (SFFANZ).

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can nominate works for the SJVs using this form. The (up to) five eligible works that receive the most nominations in each category make it onto the shortlist, which is voted on by members of SFFANZ (Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand) and/or the national science fiction convention. And this year, the national science fiction convention is going international, with Wellington hosting this year’s Worldcon: CoNZealand. This is an amazing opportunity to share NZ SFF with the world.

The following Paper Road Press works are eligible for the SJVs and other awards:

  • From A Shadow Grave, by Andi C. Buchanan – eligible for BEST NOVELLA/NOVELETTE (25,000 words)
  • Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy – eligible for BEST COLLECTED WORK
  • Cover of From a Shadow Grave, by Emma Weakley – eligible for BEST PROFESSIONAL ARTWORK
  • Cover of Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy, by Emma Weakley – eligible for BEST PROFESSIONAL ARTWORK

An unofficial and by no means comprehensive list of eligible works in each category is available here.

Nominations for the SJVs can be made via the webform here, before 31st March 2020.

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Announcing a new anthology series

SFF writing in this country is going from strength to strength, but it’s all too easy for those short stories that shine like shooting stars to fade like them, too. That’s why I’m pleased to announce the first volume of the YEAR’S BEST AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY will be published later this year.

Submission details can be found here.

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Debbie Cowens in the running for Ngaio Marsh Best First Novel Award

debbie cowens

The list of eligible works for the inaugural Ngaio Marsh Best First Novel Award has been announced, and Paper Road Press is more than proud to see Debbie Cowens’ debut novel Murder & Matchmaking featured, along with 11 other great Kiwi crime novels. Click on the banner below for the Ngaio Marsh Award announcement.

Image banner from the Ngaio Marsh Award Facebook page

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Sir Julius Vogel Awards – eligible works

Awards season is upon us again! The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are New Zealand’s only voted awards for science fiction, fantasy and horror fiction. Nominations are currently open for this year’s final ballot, and Paper Road Press has several eligible works …


Sneaking in at the end of the calendar year, the sequel to the winner of the 2015 SJV Award for Best Novel is eligible for the 2016 award. Check out the ebook today:

Pisces of Fate, by Paul Mannering


All six of the SHORTCUTS stories are eligible for this award:

Mika, by Lee Murray and Piper Mejia

The Last, by Grant Stone

Bree’s Dinosaur, by AC Buchanan

Pocket Wife, by IK Paterson-Harkness

Landfall, by Tim Jones

The Ghost of Matter, by Octavia Cade


And because the SHORTCUTS stories were published as a collection as well as standalone novellas, we’ve got a look-in for this category as well:

SHORTCUTS: Track 1, edited by Marie Hodgkinson


Books need covers, so (click on thumbnail to see full version):

Shortcuts Track 1, Cover Illustration_lo res

Cover artwork of SHORTCUTS: Track 1, by KC Bailey

Pisces Of Fate, Cover Illustration_lo res

Cover artwork of Pisces of Fate, by Henry Christian-Slane

Nominations close 28 February, and it’s free to nominate any work. More details and instructions on how to nominate your favourite publications from 2015 can be found here on the SFFANZ website.



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At the Edge: TOC and Cover Reveal

Paper Road Press is pleased to reveal the cover and table of contents for our upcoming anthology At the Edge!

Edited by award-winning duo Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray, At the Edge is shaping up to be a stunning collection of short science fiction and fantasy from both sides of the ditch, Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia. Dan and Lee are thrilled to announce that among the line-up will be a reprint of Phillip Mann’s short story The Architect. Phillip was short-listed for the Arthur C Clark Award in 2014 for his novel The Disestablishment of Paradise.

Without further ado, the table of contents for At the Edge, in no particular order except alphabetically by author surname:

Joanne Anderton, “Street Furniture”
Richard Barnes, “The Great and True Journey”
Carlington Black, “The Urge”
A.C. Buchanan, “And Still the Forests Grow though We are Gone”
Octavia Cade, “Responsibility”
Shell Child, “Narco”
Jodi Cleghorn , “The Leaves No Longer Fall”
Debbie Cowens, “Hood of Bone”
Tom Dullemond, “One Life, No Respawns”
A.J. Fitzwater, “Splintr”
Jan Goldie, “Little Thunder”
J.C. Hart, “Hope Lies North”
Martin Livings, “Boxing Day”
Phillip Mann, “The Architect”
Paul Mannering, “The Island at the End of the World”
Keira McKenzie, “In Sacrifice We Hope”
Eileen Mueller, “Call of the Sea”
Anthony Panegyres, “Crossing”
A.J. Ponder, “BlindSight”
David Stevens, “Crop Rotation”
David Versace, “Seven Excerpts from Season One”
Summer Wigmore, “Back when the River had No Name”
E.G. Wilson, “12-36”

The cover artist for the anthology is Kapiti-based Emma Weakley, who recently released a twelve-page wordless comic, Main.

At the Edge will be launched in June 2016.

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Pre-order SHORTCUTS | Track 1 in paperback and win!

Paper Road Press is pleased to announce that the first six SHORTCUTS novellas will be released as a paperback collection this November.

The cover of SHORTCUTS: Track 1, by Christchurch artist K.C. Bailey
The cover of SHORTCUTS: Track 1, by Christchurch artist K.C. Bailey

Writing on the theme of strange tales of Aotearoa New Zealand, seven Kiwi authors weave stories of people and creatures displaced in time and space, dangerous odysseys, and even more dangerous discoveries. Originally published as standalone ebooks, these novellas explore New Zealand with new eyes, finding the uncanny in the familiar and shining a light on some things we might prefer to pretend were unfamiliar.

SHORTCUTS | Track 1, which collects together the six novellas we published in 2015, is now available to pre-order. In recognition of the tyranny of distance postage fees we face as a publisher based in the south of the South Pacific, we are offering two contests for readers: one for New Zealand orders, and one for international (…and New Zealand) orders.

Click here to make a New Zealand pre-order
Click here for international and ebook pre-orders (Amazon)

New Zealand pre-order contest – $50 book voucher

New Zealanders, pre-order your copy (or copies?) of the softcover SHORTCUTS collection through the Paper Road Press website before 1 November and be in to win a $50 Booksellers voucher – just in time for your Christmas shopping! (Assuming you haven’t already completed your Christmas shopping by, to pick an option entirely at random, pre-ordering a certain anthology sure to be delivered to your doorstep well in time for the holiday…)

Pre-order now for New Zealand delivery.

International pagerazzi contest – $50 Amazon voucher

Parcel post fees from New Zealand to, well, anywhere else on the globe can get pretty steep. We know that you probably don’t want to pay more for postage than for the book itself, so for our international readers, the SHORTCUTS collection is also available for pre-order through Amazon, and will ship immediately on publication in print and ebook formats.

To be in to win a $50 Amazon voucher, simply Tweet (@paperroadpress) or email us a snapshot of you* with your copy of the paperback or ebook before 15 December 2015.

Click here to pre-order through Amazon.

*Since we know not everyone wants to show their mug to the internet, for the purposes of this competition, ‘you’ can mean, for example: your hand; your cat; an exciting rock; luminous spheres.

Terms and Conditions

All entries for both competitions will be assigned a number based on when we receive their entry, and winners will be chosen by random number generator. The random number generator’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into, except with the winners, to find out where to send their stuff.

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