Paul Mannering

Sequel to Engines of Empathy


pof_ebook_cover2When Ascott Pudding’s parents died, he ran to the ends of the earth – or to the tropical Aardvark Archipelago, which is essentially the same thing. But distance is relative and now a retired god has turned up with more bad news: Ascott’s sister, Charlotte, is probably dying too.

Charlotte isn’t the only endangered Pudding. Before Ascott can go home and save his sister from uncertain death, he’ll have to escape a homicidal octopus, a migrating whale pod, and several varieties of pirate – not to mention the great secret of the Aardvark Archipelago.

It’s bigger than fish …


mannering-profileWellington-based Paul Mannering’s voracious reading and writing habit began at age eight after his family’s black and white TV set blew up during the opening credits of an episode of Space 1999. This personal trauma and some odd reading material (Forensic medicine textbooks and years of Reader’s Digest) has shaped much of his writing since. His first sci-fi adventure novel Engines of Empathy won the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novel.