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Paper Road Press is a New Zealand publisher of ‘books from beyond the beaten track’ – compelling stories that explore new horizons, that poke holes in old genres and stitch them up with something new.

A ‘paper road’ is a road that officially exists, but actually doesn’t. You can find it on a map, even on published plans – but good luck trying to walk down it. Paper Road Press publishes stories about similarly hard-to-find places. Our books map out might-have-beens, could-yet-bes, and wouldn’t-it-be-cool-ifs. They are, however, yet to be the subject of any cartographic efforts.


profile picture of Marie and two kittens around her neck

Acquisitions – yes. Editorial – yes. Contracts and royalties – yes. Marketing – yes. Design – yes. Production – yes. Covered in cats – occasionally.

Marie Hodgkinson founded Paper Road Press in 2013. She is the former editor of the award-winning Semaphore Magazine (2007-2011) and a graduate of the Whitireia Diploma of Publishing.

Contact Marie at marie@paperroadpress.co.nz


picture of Elizabeth at an outdoor cafe table

Elizabeth Heritage is Paper Road Press’ publicity manager. She maintains a website here. Contact her at elizabeth@paperroadpress.co.nz

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