Edited by Marie Hodgkinson

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This volume collects together the six novellas that make up the first SHORTCUTS series. Writing on the theme of strange tales of Aotearoa New Zealand, seven Kiwi authors weave stories of people and creatures displaced in time and space, risky odysseys, and even more dangerous discoveries.

Click on the titles below to read an excerpt from each story:

Lee Murray and Piper Mejia‘s odyssey through a dystopic future: Mika
A.C. Buchanan‘s story of creatures and people displaced in time and space: Bree’s Dinosaur
Grant Stone‘s tale of jealous muses and musical prodigy: The Last
A husband with a secret in I.K. Paterson-Harkness‘ Pocket Wife
Tim Jones‘ exploration of desperation and betrayal on New Zealand’s shores: Landfall
Grief, ghosts, and atoms in Octavia Cade‘s The Ghost of Matter

SHORTCUTS: Track 1 is available in paperback in New Zealand wherever good books are sold. Ask your local bookstore to reserve you a copy today.