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New book: Pisces of Fate, by Paul Mannering

Ascott Pudding stopped typing and looked up, staring out from under the palm-leaf roof of his beach hut veranda. He gazed over the sunlit crystal waters of the lagoon, past the jagged fangs of the coral reef where the waves burst into foam, all the way to the horizon, where he saw the pale smudge of a man striding across the low waves.
‘This,’ he announced to the parrot that was drawing with crayons and paper on the table, ‘may require pants.’

Introducing Paul Mannering’s Pisces of Fate

Paper Road Press is pleased to announce the publication of Pisces of Fate, the sequel to the award-winning Engines of Empathy (Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novel 2015). Set in the sun-baked Aardvark Archipelago, it’s the perfect summer read – or, for those of you above the equator, the perfect wish-it-were-summer read.

When Ascott Pudding’s parents died, he ran to the ends of the earth – or to the tropical Aardvark Archipelago, which is essentially the same thing. But distance is relative and now a retired god has turned up with more bad news: Ascott’s sister, Charlotte, is probably dying too.

Charlotte isn’t the only endangered Pudding. Before Ascott can go home and save his sister from uncertain death, he’ll have to escape a homicidal octopus, a migrating whale pod, and several varieties of pirate.

Buy Pisces of Fate now at

Pisces of Fate is our first digital-first novel. It’s currently available on Amazon as a Kindle book, and early next year the paperback will make its way into bookstores New Zealand-wide.

Haven’t read Engines of Empathy yet? Have we got good news for you…

For the next week, you can grab an ebook copy of Engines of Empathy for only 99c!

Buy Engines of Empathy now at Amazon for only 99c

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