Edited by Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray

An anthology of stories about the edge of civilisation, the fringe of reason, the border of reality, by writers from the edge of the Earth.

What we’re looking for

Original science fiction, fantasy and horror from Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia. No reprints, please.

The editors especially enjoy dark, twisted stories; however, they are not looking for stories with gratuitous gore and/or explicit sexual content.

Stories with some connection to Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific are preferred, as are stories which celebrate diversity and inclusiveness.


Remuneration is via two fixed rates based on story length:
3000–4999 words: NZ$30 + paperback copy of the anthology;
5000+ words: NZ$50 + paperback copy of the anthology

While there is no upper word limit for submissions, NZ$50 and a gratis copy of the book is the maximum remuneration, and stories over 10,000 words are unlikely to make the cut. For stories over 10,000 words, please consider submitting to the SHORTCUTS novella ebook series.

Payment is for worldwide first publishing rights, digital and print, exclusive for one year from date of publication.


Submissions open 1 April 2015. All submissions should be made through Submittable.com. The final deadline is 31 July 2015, NZT.

Please do not submit any work that is under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Multiple submissions are OK, however please be aware the editors are unlikely to accept more than two stories from any one author.