Support Paper Road Press

Want to buy a copy of one of our books from your local bookseller?

Many bookstores and libraries will not order in small press books unless there’s demand for them. You can support Paper Road Press (and other small publishers) by providing that demand.

The main information bookstores or libraries need to order a book are the full titleauthor name and print ISBN. We’ve created a table of this information for all of our books below. Just copy the info you need and take it in to your local bookseller.

And, if you do see a Paper Road Press book on the shelf at your local – send us a picture and let us know where you spotted it ?

TitleAuthorPrint ISBN
From a Shadow GraveAndi C. Buchanan9780473491741
Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy – Vol IMarie Hodgkinson (editor)9780473491260
At the EdgeDan Rabarts and Lee Murray (editors)9780473354152
SHORTCUTS Volume IMarie Hodgkinson (editor)9780473336486
Murder & MatchmakingDebbie Cowens9780473315696
Baby Teeth: Bitesized Tales of TerrorDan Rabarts and Lee Murray (editors)9780473256883
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