From a Shadow Grave

By Andi C Buchanan

Front cover of From a Shadow Grave, by Andi C. Buchanan. The illustration shows light streaming through the mouth of a tunnel.

This is no ordinary ghost story

Wellington, 1931. Seventeen-year-old Phyllis Symons’ body is discovered in the Mt Victoria tunnel construction site.

Eighty years later, Aroha Brooke is determined to save her life.

Urban legend meets urban fantasy in this compelling alternate history by award-winning author Andi C. Buchanan.

“Haunting in every sense of the word, Buchanan balances historical and personal traumas with magic, resilience, and hope. A beautiful read!” —Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews

“A complex and richly-woven narrative. Buchanan deftly constructs a series of possibilities that play out as gorgeously crafted vignettes, but when taken together, have extraordinary depth.” —Emma Osborne

Coming in October 2019.

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From a Shadow Grave
Andi C. Buchanan
ISBN 978-0-473-49174-1

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